Innovative, Factory-Assembled, Mission Critical Facilities

In recent years we have built significantly on our capabilities of delivering laboratory facilities for Government and Hospital use and are now meeting the large-scale and complex demands of multi-national pharmaceutical groups. We offer turnkey facilities meeting a range of industry recognised standards for any use, be that GMP Stem Cell Production or GMP Quality Operations through to BSL vaccine testing and development.

We thrive on pushing the boundaries of what is possible with modular construction in the pharmaceutical industry. As such we are able to offer designs that phase the growth of facilities and provide a ‘just-in-time’ approach to growth. Providing our clients with maximum value and technically excellent facilities at handover.

The controlled factory conditions of our UK Assembly Facility enable construction safety requirements to be easily overseen. This ultimately leads to a far better build quality through improved quality control procedures.

In our experience ModuleCo Pharma programmes are between 30% to 50% faster than like-for-like equivalent traditional methods. With the same qualification processes to be undertaken regardless of modular or traditional the programme savings are attribute to constructing the buildings within our UK Assembly Facility; where we are not at the mercy of the elements and can, if necessary, work round the clock to achieve tight client deadlines.